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The Everything Bagels Story


The Bagel People: Pamela & Matthew Parker, Owners


It all began in January of 2016, when recent Kenai transplants, Matt and Pam Parker, really wanted a bagel.

They searched far and wide (on Google) for a good, crunchy on the outside - chewy on the inside, cream cheese vessel. However, they searched in vain. Giving up, they settled for the local convenience store to satisfy their bagel cravings.

After months of sub-par grocery store bagels, they decided to just make their own. It was a fantastic idea! Except for one problem... they didn't know how to make bagels. Days of research later, they tried their first batch. Turns out they are pretty awesome at making bagels.  Flash forward to May 1st 2016, things exploded... in a good way.

Dozens of deliveries and thousands of bagels later, they decided to put a ring on it. A key ring. To their first store. 

Now, The Bagel People want to share their hand-rolled bagels with the world (or at least the Kenai Peninsula)!