Our Mission


Everything Bagels will Spread Love & Cream Cheese in the Kenai/Soldotna area by distributing handcrafted New York-style bagels to locally owned coffee shops, restaurants and retail locations; while cultivating a team that encapsulates our core values, and paying it forward to the community that have supported us along the way.


The mission of Everything Bagels is to knead, boil and bake our way to becoming the top bagel brand in the Kenai/Soldotna area (Never Stop Rising) by creating handcrafted, traditional-style bagels of the highest quality and taste (Embrace Handcrafted Biceps); while providing excellent customer service (Leave Everyone Feeling Toasty) and developing a strong team (There’s No “I” in Bagel) with a focus on positive culture (Bake and be Happy).

Core Values

  1. Never Stop Rising: Always strive to be better; at business, bagels and life

  2. Spread Love and Cream Cheese: Help others and the community by giving back

  3. Bake and Be Happy: Do what makes you happy, always

  4. Even the Best Dough Needs Rest: Maintain a good work-life balance

  5. Leave Everyone Feeling Toasty: Provide the ultimate customer experience (UCE) with a smile

  6. There's No "I" in Bagel: Teamwork is essential, it must be cultivated

  7. Embrace Hand-Crafted Biceps: The hard work of "traditional" is totally worth it

  8. Doughn't Forget Your Neighbors: Buy local whenever possible

  9. Keep on Rolling: Embrace set-backs, work through them and learn from them

  10. The Best Ingredients are the Simple Ones: In all things, K.I.S.S.