Spring Fling Giveaway

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Spring Fling Giveaway

On May 1st we are launching our first annual Spring Fling Giveaway at both Everything Bagels locations! You will have a chance to win some awesome bagel and coffee prizes, from a 10% off coupon all the way up to free bagels for an entire month. Check out the giveaway details below and ask your Bagelista if you have any questions. 

Prizes include: 

  • 10% off coupon
  • Bagel & Cream Cheese
  • Build-a-Bagel Sandwich
  • Breakfast for 4
  • $50 Everything Bagels gift card
  • Bagel a day for 1 month
  • Latte a day for 1 month
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How to Win

# 1: Visit an Everything Bagels location after May 1st and purchase a bagel with cream cheese or any of our bagel sandwiches. Your tasty bagel will automatically be given to you in a brown to-go bag.

#2: Now here's the super important part... Check your bag!

#3: Each bag contains a prize. You'll either find a coupon for 10% of your entire next purchase, or a surprise scratch off ticket (scratch off ticket = super awesome prize).

#4: If you find one of the scratch off tickets, scratch it to reveal what you've won.

#5: Redeem your prize with one of our Bagelistas. 

Additional Details

The Spring Fling Giveaway starts May 1st and will continue until all of the special Spring Fling bags have be given out (there are over 1000 bags between our two locations!). Giveaway updates will be provided on a regular basis through our Facebook page.

Good luck bagel fans!